Calibration of the Radiocarbon Time Scale for the Southern Hemisphere: AD 1850-950

Gerry McCormac, Paula Reimer, A.G. Hogg, T.F.G. Higham, M.G.L. Baillie, J. Palmer, M. Stuiver

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We have conducted a series of radiocarbon measurements on decadal samples of dendrochronologically dated wood from both hemispheres, spanning 1000 years (McCormac et al. 1998; Hogg et al. this issue). Using the data presented in Hogg et al., we show that during the period AD 950-1850 the 14C offset between the hemispheres is not constant, but varies periodically (~130 yr periodicity) with amplitudes varying between 1 and 10‰ (i.e. 8-80 yr), with a consequent effect on the 14C calibration of material from the Southern Hemisphere. A large increase in the offset occurs between AD 1245 and 1355. In this paper, we present a Southern Hemisphere high-precision calibration data set (SHCal02) that comprises measurements from New Zealand, Chile, and South Africa. This data, and a new value of 41 ± 14 yr for correction of the IntCal98 data for the period outside the range given here, is proposed for use in calibrating Southern Hemisphere 14C dates.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)641-651
Number of pages11
Volume44 (3)
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2002

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