Cancer stem cells and their therapeutic applications

Eiman Abdel Meguid, Ahmed El-Hashash

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Cancer is currently a major health problem that impacts human life worldwide. Several studies support the concept of stem cells in cancerogenesis. The cancer stem cell (CSC) population is tumorigenic and displays characteristic markers and properties of stem cells, including self- renewal/proliferation and differentiation. CSCs can play an important role in carcinogenesis. Many therapeutic strategies currently focus on ablating the subpopulation of CSCs using different approaches such as the overcoming of CSC resistance mechanisms or targeting key molecular pathways controlling these cells. Although these therapeutic strategies have few reported side effects, new strategies are still needed. In this chapter, we describe accumulated data on the stem cell concept of cancerogenesis, how dysregulation of stem cell self-renewal affects cancer transformation, and the roles of CSCs in cancer therapy. We also discuss how improving our current understanding of the biology, behavior, and environment of CSCs can help in advancing their applications in cancer therapies, and devising more effective therapeutic strategies and approaches for cancer.

Title of the host publication: Stem cells for cancer and genetic disease treatment. ed.
Series: Stem Cells in Clinical Applications
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationStem cells for cancer and genetic disease treatment
EditorsPhuc Van Pham, Ahmed El-Hashash
PublisherSpringer Nature Switzerland AG
ISBN (Electronic)9783319980652
ISBN (Print)9783319980645
Publication statusPublished - 08 Nov 2018

Publication series

NameStem Cells in Clinical Applications
ISSN (Print)2365-4198
ISSN (Electronic)2365-4201


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