Characterisation of Bioresorbable Composite Performance for Validation of New On-Line Process Monitoring Technology

Mark Billham, Darren Whitaker, Marion McAfee, Nicholas Dunne, Fraser Buchanan

Research output: Contribution to conferenceAbstractpeer-review


There is an increasing interest in the biomedical field to create implantable medical devices to provide a temporary mechanical function for use inside the human body. In many of these applications bioresorbable polymer composites using PLLA with β-TCP , are increasingly being used due to their biocompatability, biodegradability and mechanical strength.1,3 These medical devices can be manufactured using conventional plastics processing methods such as injection moulding and extrusion, however there is great need to understand and control the process due to a lack of knowledge on the influence of processing on material properties. With the addition of biocompatible additives there is also a requirement to be able to predict the quality and level of dispersion within the polymer matrix. On-line UV-Vis spectroscopy has been shown to monitor the quality of fillers in polymers. This can eliminate time consuming and costly post-process evaluation of additive dispersion. The aim of this work was to identify process and performance relationships of PLLA/β-TCP composites with respect to melt-extrusion conditions. This is part of a wider study into on-line process monitoring of bioresorbable polymers as used in the medical industry.
These results show that final properties of the PLLA/ β-TCP composite are highly influenced by the particle size and loading. UV-Vis spectroscopy can be used on-line to monitor the final product and this can be utilised as a valuable tool for quality control in an application where consistent performance is of paramount importance.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 01 Sept 2015
Event27th European Conference on Biomaterials ESB2015 - Poland, Kraków, Poland
Duration: 30 Aug 201503 Sept 2015


Conference27th European Conference on Biomaterials ESB2015


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