Charles Dickens and Joseph Parkinson: Disentagling Composite Authorship in All the Year Round: Review in Dickens Studies Annual 51 (2020), p. 169: "Leon Litvack and Hugh Craig advance the identification of Joseph Parkinson and the extent to which Dickens coauthored an article with him. The authors are to be commended for their thoroughness in providing clear explanations of the analytical methodology and interpretations of the data produced. By relying on multiple analytical approaches, they conclude that Dickens "would seem to be the 'chief author'" while exercising an additional "degree of influence" through the application of the journal's house style."

Leon Litvack, Hugh Craig

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  • Dickens, Charles
  • Parkinson, Joseph
  • Journalism
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Stylometrics
  • All the Year Round
  • corpus linguistics

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