CityVerve Manchester Plinth

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Innovate UK’s CityVerve £10M Smart City Demonstrator explored diverse technical and social themes, placing people central to the Smart City, developing and demonstrating live Internet of Things (IoT) projects. The multi-site Manchester Plinth addressed complex multi-disciplinary ‘Culture, Animation and Adoption’ challenges; designing, developing, implementing, installing, operating, curating a ‘new digital cultural platform’, considering:
•IoT and connectivity
•Virtual and augmented reality
•Space and culture.
The Manchester Plinth marks the interface between physical and digital worlds, reconceptualising the city as a gallery without walls, a curatable platform exemplifying digital culture’s enabling capacity for socially engaged space.
Research QuestionsCityVerve’s challenge: ‘To demonstrate impact services must achieve a meaningful level of adoption and use… to help achieve this a programme of activation and animation will be run, linked to high-profile activities in target user groups…’. embodied questions:1.How can a new IoT digitally enabled cultural platform be introduced into the city?2.What design actions are necessary to develop and animate IoT based cultural/social platforms and drive end-user adoption?3.What are the necessary conditions for end-user adoption, content creation and curation of a new IoT based cultural platform?
SignificanceThe Manchester Plinth demonstrates complex trans-disciplinary, trans-sectoral knowledge creation, funded beyond scope within the large internationally significant CityVerve technology demonstrator. The Plinth is a co-created, designed, tested, constructed and demonstrated, ‘new digital cultural platform’ and sophisticated real/virtual interface, exhibited in diverse impactful international environments, enabling radical engagement with urban space, visual and digital culture.

CityVerve engagement:
2750 users, 30000 viewers.
National/International Events:
London Tech Week 13/06/2018 exemplar to PM and Cabinet, 10 Downing Street
Canberra Innovation and Smart Cities 22/03/18
CityVerve Marketplace June 2018
CISCO: UK Museum Sector Embracing DigitalisationUK Gov: Internet of Things UK Research and Innovation Programme (2015-2018)Refereed Papers:
Electronic Visual Arts London 2017
EU World Cities October 2017
Cisco exemplar, Istanbul and Las Vegas 2018
Margot James MP UK Minister for Digital and Culture 22/06/18
Chris Skidmore MP UK Universities Minister October 2019
International Delegations:
Chinese National Development and Reform Commission 29/06/17South Korean government/ Department of International Trade 18/02/19 & 27/08/19City of Adelaide 09-13/10/17
City of Montreal 02/09/19
Japanese Investment Bank August 2019Keynotes:
British Council, Great Cities, Wuhan, China 22/03/17University of Bradford, Bless U Health, Institute of Civil Engineers, London 31/05/18
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationManchester
Publication statusPublished - 2017


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