Classification of cow diet based on milk Mid Infrared Spectra: A data analysis competition at the “International Workshop on Spectroscopy and Chemometrics 2022”

Maria Frizzarin, Giulio Visentin*, Alessandro Ferragina, Elena Hayes, Antonio Bevilacqua, Bhaskar Dhariyal, Katarina Domijan, Hussain Khan, Georgiana Ifrim, Thach Le Nguyen, Joe Meagher, Laura Menchetti, Ashish Singh, Suzy Whoriskey, Robert Williamson, Martina Zappaterra, Alessandro Casa

*Corresponding author for this work

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In April 2022, the Vistamilk SFI Research Centre organized the second edition of the “International Workshop on Spectroscopy and Chemometrics – Applications in Food and Agriculture”. Within this event, a data challenge was organized among participants of the workshop. Such data competition aimed at developing a prediction model to discriminate dairy cows’ diet based on milk spectral information collected in the mid-infrared region. In fact, the development of an accurate and reliable discriminant model for dairy cows’ diet can provide important authentication tools for dairy processors to guarantee product origin for dairy food manufacturers from grass-fed animals. Different statistical and machine learning modelling approaches have been employed during the workshop, with different pre-processing steps involved and different degree of complexity. The present paper aims to describe the statistical methods adopted by participants to develop such classification model.

Original languageEnglish
Article number104755
JournalChemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems
Early online date20 Jan 2023
Publication statusPublished - 15 Mar 2023

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This publication has emanated from research conducted with the financial support of Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine on behalf of the Government of Ireland under grant number (16/RC/3835) , the SFI Insight Research Centre under grant number (SFI/12/RC/2289_P2) and the SFI Starting Investigator Research Grant “Infrared spectroscopy analysis of milk as a low-cost solution to identify efficient and profitable dairy cows” (18/SIRG/5562) .

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  • Chemometrics
  • Food authenticity
  • Fourier transform mid-infrared spectroscopy
  • Machine learning
  • Milk quality

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