CLIL4LOTE: Content and Language Integrated Learning for Languages Other Than English: a proposed pilot in the Northern Ireland policy context.

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Language learning is in decline in schools across the UK. Of its four regions, Northern Ireland devotes the least compulsory curricular time to language learning: a Modern Language is only compulsory from age 11-14, with no statutory primary school provision and no requirement to pursue a qualification in a language other than English.
Moreover, this compulsory language learning window appears to be failing: Language Trends Northern Ireland report a decline of 19% in GCSE Modern Languages entries (2010-2018); non-selective schools dedicate less curricular time to languages than selective grammar schools, and pupils from areas of socio-economic deprivation are least likely to continue learning a language post-14.
There is an urgent need to rethink traditional approaches to language teaching. This PhD project proposes to compare existing language teaching practice in Northern Ireland with a CLIL approach, using parallel CLIL and non-CLIL classes of pupils aged 11-14 learning a LOTE in mainstream, non-selective schools. One current avenue of exploration is to potentially combine language and content from a vocational area, such as tourism or business. Lesson content, materials and task design will be developed in collaboration with subject teachers and potentially industry representatives. The intervention will control for curricular time, previous language learning and, where possible, connect pupils to local businesses using language skills, in order to investigate the following:
- How does the approach (CLIL or non-CLIL) affect learner perceptions of and attitudes towards language learning?
- How is learner likelihood to continue with a language post-14 affected?
- What implications do the results have for language education policy in Northern Ireland?
- Is there scope for developing a curricular and assessment framework for school leavers combining subject content with a language?
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Publication statusPublished - 27 Mar 2021
EventWorking CLIL 2021: 2nd International Colloquium - Porto, Portugal
Duration: 26 Mar 202127 Mar 2021,levels%20in%20Portugal%20and%20beyond.


ConferenceWorking CLIL 2021: 2nd International Colloquium
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  • CLIL
  • LOTE
  • secondary
  • KS3
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