Co-designed infrastructural demonstration plans

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This report pertains to deliverable 5.1 of the EU Horizon 'UPSURGE' project (Grant agreement No. 101003818). It compiles infrastructural and architectural plans for various nature-based solutions (NBS) in five European cities: Belfast, Breda, Budapest, Maribor and Katowice. The report provides contextual analysis for each city's climate and site constraints. It outlines the processes used in each city to co-design the final designs such as design workshops and on site exhibitions, and explores the shared and specific challenges faced by the city to co-design these NBS plans such as inflation, resource shortages, and external influence. The report's key findings highlight the need to build consensus through co-design, how successful co-design requires flattened hierarchies and the balance of raising and managing collaborator expectations. The authors recommend that co-design approaches are tailored to fit city-specific cultures and processes within local authorities, but must make decision-making more transparent and inclusive. It reiterates the need for two-way communication between key collaborators in the quintuple helix (academia, industry, environment groups, citizens and governments), and cites the value of team continuity throughout an NBS project timeline.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages132
Publication statusPublished - 26 Sept 2023


  • nature-based solutions
  • co-design
  • sustainable cities
  • co-creation
  • climate action
  • urbanism
  • landscape
  • green and blue space


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