Comparative Study of Metakaolin and Zeolite Tuff Influence on Properties of High-Strength Concrete

Leonid I. Dvorkin, Vadim Zhitkovsky, Nataliya Lushnikova, Mohammed Sonebi

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Composite admixtures which include active pozzolanic components and high-range water reducers, allows to obtain high-strength, particularly dense and durable concrete to achieve a reduction in resources and energy consumption of manufacturing.Zeolite, containing a significant amount of active silica, can serve as one of the alternative substances to resources and energy consuming mineral admixtures like metakaolin and silica fume. The deposits of zeolites are developed in Transcarpathia (Ukraine), USA, Japan, New Zealand, Iceland and other countries. It is known that zeolite tuffs exhibit pozzolanic properties and are capable to substitution reactions with calcium hydroxide.However, the high dispersion of zeolite rocks leads to a significant increase in the water consumption of concrete. Simultaneous introduction of zeolite tuffs with superplasticizers, which significantly reduce the water content, creates the preconditions for their effective use in high-strength concrete.Along with dehydrated (calcined) zeolite, natural (non-calcined) zeolite expresses itself as an effective mineral admixture of concrete. When using non-calcined zeolite, the effect of increasing in compressive strength at the age of 3 and 7 days is close to the effect obtained when using dehydrated zeolite: 8-10% and 10- 12%, respectively, and 28 days the strength growth is 13-22%. The use of non-calcined zeolite has a significant economic feasibility, so it certainly deserves attention. There were compared the effect of zeolite to metakaolinThe results of the research indicate that the use of composite admixtures, consisted of calcined (non-calcined) zeolite tuff of high dispersity and superplasticizer of naphthalene formaldehyde type, allows to obtain concretes classes C50…C65.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)179-185
JournalConstruction Technologies and Architecture
Publication statusPublished - 06 Jan 2022


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