Confirming the Existence of Gaps and Depletions in the Irish Oak Tree-Ring Record

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    In the course of building the 7000 year Belfast long oak chronology a series of depletion problems were encountered. These problems were overcome by 1984 when the completion of the long chronology was announced. The solution to the bridging of the various ‘gaps’ in the Irish chronology lay in the use of long sections of oak chronology from Britain. Now that a quarter of a century has elapsed and large numbers of additional oak samples, and site assemblages, have been accumulated it seems reasonable to review the ‘gaps’ in order to see if the Irish chronology could now be constructed without the use of British material. That is, are the depletion periods in the Irish chronology still evident, and if so, what might they imply about past conditions and human populations? The perhaps surprising conclusion is that the original depletions are still evident after 25 years of quasi-random sampling by archaeologists and palaeoecologists throughout Ireland.
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