Corbridge, S.

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This article provides an overview of Professor Stuart Corbridge's major international contribution to the field of development studies in general and India in particular. His key contributions have been highlighted from a diverse range of writings which exemplify analysis derived both from the key theoretical debates which are multidisciplinary in nature and based on hard data from the field. The ideas are not presented as a chronological sequence of ideas. Rather, the key connectedness, continuity of his approach, and ideas are highlighted. The major texts written by him have been outlined for future reference. It is expected that readers will be able to identify and empathize with the key themes which have made a major intervention in the debates in the field of geography of development in particular and development studies in general. Here, the ethical principles of development have a major role to play in creating awareness about the discursiveness of the endeavor called 'development'. Development therefore is a dangerous social project which somehow goes beyond maximizing individual freedoms.

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  • Capitalist development
  • Development
  • Development ethics
  • Morality
  • Post-Left
  • Post-Marxism
  • Postdevelopment
  • State and market
  • Uneven development

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