Coupled consolidation of a solid, infinite cylinder using a Terzaghi formulation

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    Axisymmetric consolidation is a classical boundary value problem for geotechnical engineers. Under some circumstances an analysis in which the changes in pore pressure, effective stress and displacement can be uncoupled from each other is sufficient, leading to a Terzaghi formulation of the axisymmetric consolidation equation in terms of the pore pressure. However, representation of the Mandel-Cryer effect usually requires more complex, coupled, Biot formulations. A new coupled formulation for the plane strain, axisymmetric consolidation problem is presented for small, linear elastic deformations. A single, easily evaluated parameter couples changes in pore pressure to changes in effective stress, and the resulting differential equation for pore pressure dissipation is very similar to Terzaghi’s classic formulation. The governing equations are then solved using finite differences and the consolidation of a solid infinite cylinder analysed, calculating the variation with time and with radius of the excess pore pressure and the radial displacement. Comparison with a previously published semi-analytical solution indicates that the formulation successfully embodies the Mandel-Cryer effect.
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