Culture, Climate and Change: the world reimagined

Kathryn Nelson

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This paper discusses the link between cultural activities and climate change. This will be achieved by conceptually comparing culture, ecology and education, with an ecological community. Each discipline is closely linked and their interrelationship is highly dependent on knowledge transfer, rather than energy flow as in a food web. This theoretical model can identify linkages and demonstrate how a change in one node, can affect the whole. A reappraisal of current literature was initially undertaken, followed by its analysis, which was used to develop the model. The results show that culture both positively and negatively impacts the environment; nevertheless the main finding is that drastic change is needed to our cultural values, if we as a global society wish to stop climate change. Finally, in the conclusion I will argue that culture can be reimagined to meet these challenges.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 28 Jan 2021
EventRevisiting Borders,
Arts, Cultural Management Conference
- Virtual
Duration: 28 Jan 202130 Jan 2021


ConferenceRevisiting Borders,
Arts, Cultural Management Conference
Abbreviated titleACMC
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