Current status of Gerodontology teaching in Europe: preliminary findings

Anastassia Kossiono, Gerald McKenna, F. Muller, Martin Schimmel, Jacques Vanobbergen

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Aim(s): The aim of this study was to explore the findings of a survey on the prevalence, contents and status of Gerodontology teaching amongst the European Dental Schools.
Materials and Methods: A first wave of emails, including an electronic questionnaire in English, and two weeks later a first reminder, were sent to the Deans or other contact persons in 185 dental schools in 40 European countries. The electronic questionnaire recorded the prevalence, contents and status of Gerodontology education at the undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education levels.
Results: The first wave of responses included 70 dental schools from 28 countries. Gerodontology was included in the undergraduate curricula of 77% of the respondents and was compulsory in 61% of them. It was taught as an independent course in 39% of the respondents. When embedded in other courses, these were mainly the Prosthodontics lectures. Clinical training in Gerodontology was on the curriculum of 56% of the respondents. Sixteen percent of the schools had a Gerodontology Division, and 43% an assigned Programme Director. Gerodontology was taught in the postgraduate programmes of 33% of the schools, again mostly embedded in Prosthodontic programmes. Continuing education courses in Gerodontology were offered by 34% of the responding schools.
Discussion and Conclusions: When interpreting the results of this still ongoing study, a "worst case scenario" has to be born in mind, where dental schools, who failed to participate in the survey, may not be teaching in Gerodontology. Under this perspective, a moderate prevalence of Gerodontology is recorded in the undergraduate curricula of European dental schools. At a postgraduate level, it is less frequently offered, and mainly embedded in the Prosthodontic programmes. European guidelines on the dental curriculum might help to increase awareness and introduce Gerodontology to undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2016
EventEuropean College of Gerodontology Annual Meeting -
Duration: 02 Jun 201603 Jun 2016


ConferenceEuropean College of Gerodontology Annual Meeting
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