Deliberative Futures Toolkit

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Growing levels of uncertainty and concern arising from climate change
disruption raise important questions, not least of all, about sustaining
democratic decision-making structures, in the face of increasingly fragile,
incomplete and unpredictable projections for the future of our society and
environment. In response to this growing uncertainty, we have seen a substantial growth in scenario analyses using a range of pathways, predictive, contingency
and foresight modelling tools. The need to further advance and promote
future thinking tools is critical for academics, educators, decision makers,
community practitioners and activists. Recognising that the positive visions
required to move to a low carbon and climate-resilient society must involve
the inclusion of many actors, communities and stakeholders, if we are to
succeed in ‘future-oriented’ communities and decision-making. To encourage
this multi-stakeholder approach a clearer link to democratic processes is
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages30
Publication statusPublished - 01 Jul 2021


  • local climate action
  • climate change
  • deliberative innovations
  • co-decision making
  • visioning


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