Design of an Electric Drive Transmission for a Formula Student Race Car

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This paper presents a methodology used to configure an electric drive system for a Formula Student car and the detailed design of a transmission for in-hub motor placement. Various options for the size, number and placement of electric motors were considered and a systematic process was undertaken to determine the optimum configuration and type of motor required. The final configuration selected had four 38 kW in-hub motors connected through a 14.8:1 reduction transmission to 10” wheels. Preliminary design of the transmission design indicated that the overall gear ratio would be best achieved with a two-stage reduction, and in this work an offset primary spur stage coupled to a planetary second stage was chosen. Detailed design and validation of the transmission was conducted in Ricardo SABR and GEAR, using a duty cycle derived from an existing internal combustion Formula Student car. The analysis was conducted in line with ISO 6336 and permitted the examination of the stresses in gear teeth and the prediction of gear and bearing life. A detailed design was proposed with due regard to ease of manufacture and assembly, and a full-scale prototype was manufactured to facilitate physical validation of the design. The design analysis showed all gears and bearings had a suitable predicted lifetime with a minimum factor of safety of 1.8 on gear wear.
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Title of host publicationAdvances and Current Practices in Mobility: SAE International Conference Proceedings: WCX SAE World Congress Experience 09/04/2019 → 11/04/2019 Detroit, United States
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EventWCX SAE World Congress Experience - Cobo Center, Detroit, United States
Duration: 09 Apr 201911 Apr 2019

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