Dossier Presentation: Policing Demonstrations

Bruno Konder Comparato, John Topping

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The policing of demonstrations is a crucial activity that reveals much about the quality of democracy in a given society. In addition to presenting the papers that make up the dossier, this article contributes to Northern Ireland's accumulated experience in dealing with demonstrations. Brazil and Northern Ireland constitute divided societies in which the police is co-responsible for conflicts and face serious legitimacy problems, at least for vulnerable groups. Lessons from Northern Ireland indicate that mutual understanding between police and protesters is vital to limit the potential for public order incidents and events to become unmanageable.
Original languageMultiple languages
Pages (from-to)468-484
Number of pages16
JournalMediações - Revista de Ciências Sociais
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 01 Jan 2022


  • policing of demonstrations
  • public order
  • human rights
  • protests
  • dissent
  • policing
  • Police Service of Northern Ireland

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