Draft Modern Slavery Strategy 2021-22. Response to the Department of Justice public consultation

Samantha Hopkins, Adedayo Akingbade, Gillian Kane, Daniela Suárez Vargas, Amanda Kramer, Ciara Hackett, Sarah Craig, Rachel Killean

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In January 2021 students and staff affiliated with the School of Law and Human Rights Centre submitted a report to the Northern Ireland Department of Justice’s ‘Consultation on Tackling Modern Slavery’. The aim of the consultation was to engage stakeholders in building a strategy for Northern Ireland to eradicate modern slavery through a collaborative partnership between law enforcement agencies, front line professionals and the general public to raise awareness of human trafficking and slavery-like offences, support victims, and bring offenders to justice.

The HRC’s report contextualises modern slavery in Northern Ireland, explores definitions of modern slavery and human trafficking, considers the particular challenges of business supply chains and identifies ways to enhance victim protection and support in Northern Ireland. The report was led by PhD candidates (Gillian Kane, Samantha Hopkins, Adedayo Akingbade and Daniela Suarez Vargas) students (Hannah Brown, Esther Weir, Stefania Garlicka, Antonia Boorman, Annie Kennedy, Ellen Walsh, Ellen Dalzell, Imogen Quinn, Matthew Torrens, Yi Kang Choo, Jenneka Bouchard, Fernanda Alves de Oliviera, , Laura Duran, Ellen Kearney, Janine Geddis, Anne Kelly, Sherwin Shaji John and Charlotte Wood), and supported by Human Rights Centre staff (Dr Amanda Kramer, Dr Ciara Hackett, Ms. Sarah Craig and Dr Rachel Killean).
Original languageEnglish
PublisherQUB Human Rights Centre
Number of pages64
Publication statusPublished - 07 Jan 2021


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