Echo of Species 04

Adam Pultz Melbye* (Composer), Silvia Andrade (Performer)

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Non-textual formComposition


This episode features unreleased work from Adam Pultz Melbye, spoken words by Silvia Andrade and materials from the Donella Meadows Project.
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Adam Pultz Melbye's words about his participation:

"I am very grateful to the Donella Meadows Project for granting me permission to use excerpts of her important essay Leverage Points – Places to intervene in a system. The text is a strikingly clear exposition of many of the complex challenges facing us, but also offers paths to a solution. What seems central to me, is that the idea of economic and material growth needs to be challenged. Otherwise there is no hope for humanity. That is a blunt and dark prophecy, but I fail to see how unlimited growth on a planet with finite resources is possible, let alone desirable. I asked the brilliant visual artist Silvia Andrade to record the text. Silvia’s artistic practice includes spoken word and I find her voice and clear intonation very fitting to the project. The music on this podcast is a collection of unreleased work dating back two years. I would like to thank Madelynne Cornish at Bogong Centre for Sound Culture for the stellar recording job on the last piece.

Please note that the text presented here is not the full text of Leverage Points. However, I hope that the listener’s interest has been triggered and suggest anyone to read the full essay, available online.

Please visit the Donella Meadows project at
Silvia Andrade’s work can be found here:

Courtesy of the Donella Meadows Project at the Academy for Systems Change - A project dedicated to Donella Meadows’ inspiring vision for systems change.”
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputOnline
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2019

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