Effect of advanced age, and/or systemic medical conditions on dental implant survival: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Martin Schimmel, Murali Srinivasan, Gerald McKenna, Frauke Muller

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Objectives: This review evaluated implant survival in geriatric patients (≥75 years), and/or the impact of systemic medical conditions.

Materials and Methods: Systematic literature searches were performed to identify studies reporting on geriatric subjects with dental implants, and on implant‐patients who had any of the seven most common systematic conditions amongst geriatric patients. Meta‐analyses were performed on the post‐loading implant survival rates . The impact of systemic medical conditions and their respective treatment were qualitatively analyzed.

Results: A total of 6893 studies were identified; of those 60 studies were included. The fixed effects model revealed an overall implant survival of 97.3% (95% CI: 94.3, 98.7; studies=7), and 96.1% (95% CI: 87.3, 98.9; studies=3), for 1 and 5 years, respectively. In patients with cardiovascular disease, implant survival may be similar or higher compared to healthy patients. High implant survival rates were reported for patients with Parkinson's disease or diabetes mellitus type II. In cancer patients, implant survival is negatively affected, namely by radiotherapy. Patients with bone metastases receiving high‐dose anti‐ resorptive therapy (ART) carry a high risk for complications after implant surgery. Implant survival was reported to be high in patients receiving low‐dose ART for treatment of osteoporosis.. No evidence was found on implant survival in patients with dementia, respiratory diseases, liver cirrhosis or osteoarthritis.

Conclusions: Implant‐prostheses in geriatric subjects is a predictable treatment option with a very high rate of implant survival. The functional and psychosocial benefits of such intervention should outweigh the associated risks to common medical conditions.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)311-330
Journalclinical oral implants research
Issue numberS16
Publication statusPublished - 17 Oct 2018


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