Electrical characterisation of PVD germanium resistors with rapid melt growth (RMG) process

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This paper presents the electrical characterisation of germanium stripe resistors produced by Physical Vapour Deposition using a Rapid Melt Growth process with either single or multiple micro-crucible materials. Electrical measurement of single germanium stripe resistors were obtained using a Greek cross test structure whereas four-terminal aluminium rail test structures were used for germanium stripe arrays. The electrical characterisation was conducted under dark conditions. Results showed only a slight reduction in germanium sheet resistance compared to that of as-deposited material even after a high temperature (980 °C) crystal growth process. It is believed that the measurements were compromised by contact and leakage current issues. As a result, the electrical characteristics of crystallised germanium could not be investigated properly and the relationship to Raman measurement was not established.
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Publication statusPublished - 12 Nov 2018

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