Eva Urban. La Philosophie des Lumières dans le Théâtre Breton: Tradition et Influences

Translated title of the contribution: Enlightenment Philosophy in Breton Theatre: Tradition and Influences

Research output: Book/ReportBook


This monograph explores the rich tradition of an Enlightenment theatre in Brittany and in the Breton language. This practice, initially conceived for the entertainment and education of citizens, continues, for example, with the multilingual work and international coproductions of the contemporary theatre company Teatr Piba. The book examines the links between this theatre, Enlightenment thought, notions of wisdom, cosmopolitanism and literary romanticism and unearths the ways in which these ideas are reflected in Celtic and international legends and in Breton mystery plays. It also offers a detailed analysis of a trilogy of history plays by Per-Jakez Helias: Planedenn Gralon Meur/Le Jeu de Gralon/The Gralon Play (1950), Ar Roue Kado/Le Roi Kado/King Kado (1960) and An Isild a-Heul/Yseult Seconde/Iseult the Second (1969). These plays dissect the political, social, cultural, and religious dynamics of conflict. They integrate and deconstruct the themes of Celtic legends and ancient mystery plays while offering a path towards moral philosophy.
Translated title of the contributionEnlightenment Philosophy in Breton Theatre: Tradition and Influences
Original languageFrench
Place of PublicationRennes
PublisherTIR Université de Rennes 2
Number of pages108
ISBN (Print)9782917681-50-3
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2019


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