Exploring Decision Delay in Patients Presenting with Myocardial infarction in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA

Hassan Alshahrani, Donna Fitzsimons, Roy McConkey, Julie Wilson, Mostafa Youssef

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Previous research in Western countries has found that there are many factors that can affect decision making to seek care among patients who experience the symptoms of MI; including cognitive, social, cultural and emotional factors. These factors may differ in other cultures. This study is designed to explore the factors that contribute to prehospital delay among MI patients in KSA.
The current study uses a non-experimental design, combining both qualitative (semi-structured interview) and quantitative methods to achieve the study objectives. This cross sectional study was comprised of a convenience sample of research participants (n=311) who presented with a diagnosis of MI to three hospitals in Riyadh city over a five month period from 15th March 2011 to2nd August 2011. Across 189 eligible patients, (19% female and 81% male), the median time delay was 2.5 hours, the median delay time for male= 2 hours, female =3 hours. In all 21% of participants tried a self-help remedy when they first noticed their symptoms and 18% had wished or prayed that their symptoms would go away. Only 45% of the participants thought the problem was related to their hearts. Also 87% of the patients had not heard of thrombolytic agent drugs. Moreover, 41% of the total participants delayed because they did not realize the importance of their symptoms.
The following factors significantly influenced prehospital delay: participants without a past history of MI had longer delay times (U= 1312, N1=22, N2= 167,p=0.029, two-tailed); participants who were in a public place when they had MI symptoms delayed more than others (?² =13.66, df=5, p= 0.018); participants who were asleep when MI symptoms began delayed more than those who were sitting or performing some activity (?² =7.802, df=2,p= 0.020).
These findings allow comparisons to be made with other cultures and provide important evidence to help inform the development of health promotion strategies to minimise delay times for patients with MI symptoms in KSA.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)S84-S84
Number of pages1
JournalEuropean Journal of Preventive Cardiology
Issue numberSupplement 1
Publication statusPublished - May 2012


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