Findings from an in-Depth Annual Tree-Ring Radiocarbon Intercomparsion

Lukas Wacker*, E. M. Scott, A. Bayliss, David Brown, E. Bard, Silvia Bollhalder, M. Friedrich, Manuela Capano, Alexander Cherkinsky, D Chivall, Brendan J. Culleton, M W Dee, Ronny Friedrich, G W L Hodgin, A Hogg, D J Kennet, T D J Knowles, M Kuitems, T E Lange, F MiyakeM-J Nadeau, T Nakamura, J P Naysmith, J Olsen, T Omori, F Petchey, B Philippsen, C Bronk Ramsey, G V Ravi Prasad, M Seiler, J Southon, R Staff, T Tuna

*Corresponding author for this work

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