Fit to Burst

Research output: Other contribution


A single drama for BBC Radio 3 The Wire: Andy has hit a mid-life crisis. His career is a mess, his relationship is falling apart and despite, or perhaps because of this, he seems intent on eating himself into an early grave. The Voice in his head has warned him, clearly, and a nightmarish tour of his inner organs has left him in no doubt that he is headed for, at best, a coronary arrest; at worst, something that he can't bear to think about it.

And yet he persists. Drowning in despair he grasps at crumbs of comfort, ingesting enough food to support a small country and doubling his waist and his weight in just one month, terrifying his wife and his work colleagues and rendering the average doorway inadequate for his desperate attempts at escape.
Original languageEnglish
TypeRadio Drama
Media of outputRadio
Publication statusPublished - 14 Dec 2013


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