FKBPL and SIRT-1, key angiogenesis proteins, are downregulated by diabetes in pregnancy

Abdelrahim Alqudah, Kelly Ann Eastwood, Djurdja Jerotic, Naomi Todd, Denise Hoch, Ross McNally, Danilo Obradovic, Stefan Dugalic, Alyson J. Hunter, Valerie A. Holmes, David R. McCance, Ian S. Young, Chris J. Watson, Tracy Robson, Gernot Desoye, David J. Grieve, Lana McClements

Research output: Working paper


Context Diabetes in pregnancy is associated with numerous complications, however the mechanisms are still poorly understood. Objective To investigate the role of new angiogenesis markers, FKBPL and SIRT-1, in pregestational (type 1 diabetes, T1D) and gestational diabetes (GDM). Design and intervention Placental FKBPL, SIRT-1, PlGF and VEGF-R1 protein expression was determined from pregnant women with GDM or T1D, and in first trimester trophoblast cells exposed to high glucose and varying oxygen concentrations. Endothelial cell function was assessed in high glucose conditions and FKBPL overexpression. Settings and Participants Human placental samples from pregnant women with GDM (n=6) or T1D (n=8) were collected to assess FKBPL and SIRT-1 protein expression compared to non-diabetic controls. Main outcome measures To determine the role of placental FKBPL and/or SIRT-1 in diabetic pregnancies, in first trimester trophoblasts and endothelial cell function in high-glucose environment. Results Placental FKBPL protein expression was downregulated in T1D (FKBPL; p
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 08 Oct 2020

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