Fragrance compositions comprising ionic liquids

Holland AM Lynette (Inventor), K.R. Seddon (Inventor), Oreste Todini (Inventor), David Michael Eike (Inventor), Jose Maria VELAZQUEZ (Inventor), Sarah Tozer (Inventor), Pauline Mary Mcnamee (Inventor), Jonathan Richard Stonehouse (Inventor), William Eoghan Staite (Inventor), Henry Charles Reginald Fovargue (Inventor), Judith Ann Gregory (Inventor), Harambage Gunaratne (Inventor), Alberto Vaca Puga (Inventor), J. Estager (Inventor), Feng-Ling Wu (Inventor), Shane Devine (Inventor), Marijana Blesic (Inventor), Federico Maria Ferrero Vallana (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


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Chemical Compounds