From the laboratory to the end-user: a primary packaging study for microneedle patches containing amoxicillin sodium

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As microneedle (MN) patches progress towards commercialisation, there is a need to address issues surrounding their translation from the laboratory to the end-user. One important aspect of MN patches moving forward is appropriate primary packaging. This research focuses on MN patches containing amoxicillin (AMX) sodium for the potential treatment of neonatal sepsis in hot and humid countries. A MN patch consists of a hydrogel-forming MN array and a drug-containing reservoir. Improper primary packaging in hot and humid countries may result in degradation of active pharmaceutical ingredients, with the use of substandard medicines a major health concern. The research presented here, for the first time, seeks to investigate the integrity of MN patches in different primary packaging when stored under accelerated storage conditions, according to international guidelines. At pre-defined intervals, the performance of the MN patch was investigated. Major causes of drug instability are moisture and temperature. To avoid unnecessary degradation, suitable primary packaging was sought. After 168 days, the percentage of AMX sodium recovered from drug-containing reservoirs packaged in Protect™ 470 foil was 103.51 ± 7.03%. However, packaged in poly(ester) foil, the AMX sodium content decreased significantly (p = 0.0286), which is likely due to the degradation of AMX sodium by the imbibed moisture. Therefore, convincing evidence was provided as to the importance of investigating the stability of MN patches in primary packaging intended for MN-mediated transdermal delivery so that they are 'fit for purpose' when it reaches the end-user. Future work will include qualitative studies to assess MN patch usability.
Original languageEnglish
JournalDrug Delivery and Translational Research
Publication statusPublished - 15 Jan 2021

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