Green prospects in Greece

John Karamichas

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The radical left-wing Syriza and the Green party Ecologists Greens/Oikologoi Prasinoi (EG) have been seen as representatives of the left-libertarian/new politics party families in Greece. These type of parties are marked by a commitment to new politics issues such as gender and racial equality, peace and ecology. In countries where two party formations of this kind are in competition to attract a very similar clientele and one of them is electorally significant, it is unlikely for the other to achieve autonomous electoral success. This is a well-known fact that has penetrated discussions on the strategic orientation of both parties since their first electoral participation in 2004 (only European parliament elections for EG).
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationFirst thoughts on the 25 January 2015 election in Greece
EditorsRoman Gerodimos
Place of PublicationBournemouth
PublisherGreek Politics Specialist Group - Political Studies Association
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 02 Feb 2015

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NameGPSG Pamphlets
PublisherGreek Politics Study Group


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