Horizon scan of invasive alien species for the island of Ireland

Frances E. Lucy*, Eithne Davis, Roy Anderson, Olaf Booy, Ken Bradley, J. Robert Britton, Colin Byrne, Joseph M. Caffrey, Neil E. Coughlan, Kate Crane, Ross N. Cuthbert, Jaimie T.A. Dick, James W.E. Dickey, Jeffrey Fisher, Cathal Gallagher, Simon Harrison, Matthew Jebb, Mark Johnson, Colin Lawton, Dave LyonsTim Mackie, Christine Maggs, Ferdia Marnell, Tom McLoughlin, Dan Minchin, Oonagh Monaghan, Ian Montgomery, Niall Moore, Liam Morrison, Rose Muir, Brian Nelson, Art Niven, Colette O’Flynn, Bruce Osborne, Ruth M. O’Riordan, Neil Reid, Helen Roy, Rory Sheehan, Dorothy Stewart, Monica Sullivan, Paula Tierney, Paula Treacy, Elena Tricarico, Wayne Trodd

*Corresponding author for this work

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