How "Brexit" threatens Northern Irish Anti-Discrimination Law

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This long read exposes how "Brexit" will threaten Northern Irish Anti-Discrimination Law, and proposes to react to this threat by (finally) adopting a coherent anti-discrimination act for Northern Ireland, which maintains the coherence with EU law (and thus also Irish law), as well as providing for a method to adapt Northern Irish law to future developments in the field. While the author suggests that Stormont should be given the competence to legislate in the field, she also proposes an alternative way of legislating for the periods when the "powersharing" in Northern Ireland is dysfunctional. Instead of giving the Westminster Parliament all the power, the authority should then go to the British Irish Intergovernmental Conference which aw established with the Good Friday Agreement
Original languageEnglish
TypeLong Blog
Media of outputEquality and Diversity Forum Gendering Brexit Blog Series
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 24 Sep 2018


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