HPV vaccine acceptance in males

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Background Despite Human Papillomavirus (HPV)’s impact on the health of both sexes, there is debate around the inclusion of males in HPV vaccination programmes. The aim of this scoping review was to synthesize the evidence on vaccine acceptability to males. Given that the vaccine is most effective in adolescent males, vaccine acceptance in parents and health care professionals (HCPs) was also examined. Method A rapid synthesis using specified key words of published systematic reviews into vaccine acceptability in adolescent males, parents and HCPs was conducted. The most common electronic databases were searched including: Medline, EMBASE, PsychINFO, and CINAHL. Results There was variability amongst studies with respect to design and methodological approaches. Despite this there appears to be a positive attitude towards male HPV vaccination from both parents and older males. There is currently insufficient evidence on vaccine acceptance to adolescent males. Understanding the risks involved in HPV acquisition, and receiving a recommendation from a HCP, appear to be the major factors involved in males deciding to be vaccinated. Parents consistently report the importance of a HCP recommendation, yet HCPs (in the US) appear to have a preference for vaccinating older than younger adolescents, and for vaccinating females. Conclusions The absence of an agreed definition of vaccine acceptance leads to a lack of a universally accepted tool for its measurement. This makes comparison of studies difficult. With no established theoretical framework the identification and exploration of factors that influence vaccine uptake can be variable. In addition, acceptance is not indicative of uptake. The majority of studies are cross-sectional which makes the identification of factors that lead to actual vaccine uptake difficult. Prospective, longitudinal studies identifying individuals that acted on vaccine intention should be conducted to identify the factors that mediate the uptake.
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Publication statusPublished - 10 Jun 2015
EventNational Cancer Intelligence Network: Cancer Outcomes Conference 2015: United Against Cancer - Europa Hotel, Belfast , United Kingdom
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ConferenceNational Cancer Intelligence Network: Cancer Outcomes Conference 2015: United Against Cancer
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