Human resource management and the global financial crisis: evidence from India's IT/BPO industry

Ashish Malik*

*Corresponding author for this work

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This book analyses managerial responses and people management strategies and processes adopted to deal with the challenges imposed by the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). It examines how key actors in the system exercised strategic choices in a given strategic environment, as well as how they responded and developed strategies in this globally integrated industry, in an emerging market context.

The book focuses on the nature of strategic choices available to firms in the Indian information technology (IT) and knowledge and business process outsourcing (K and BPO) industry. It looks at how these Indian firms in the IT industry exercise their strategic choices to deal with their routine business and how these routines were changed through learning and investment in certain HR and management practices in times of crisis. Additional insights from other national and industry contexts are also provided for wider coverage of how the GFC-affected organisations frame their responses to deal with it. The book examines the changes in the human resource processes and how organisations adjust their operant business models to deal with the pressures brought about by the crisis.

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Publication statusPublished - 06 Jul 2017
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