Identifying the Apothecary (Archaeological Report, Kevin St., Dublin)

John Cunningham

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My contribution to this archaeological report provides a historical context for the find, which consists of the remains of an Dublin apothecary's shop dating from the seventeenth century. I provide an overview of the available sources and some general details on apothecaries and their trade in the city in the early modern period. I focus in particular on the Dutch apothecary and perfumer Jacob Ryckman, who resided close to the relevant site on Kevin St.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationFinal report on pre-development excavations on the Delata site, Kevin St. / New St. Dublin
ISBN (Electronic)Alan Hayden et al.
Publication statusAccepted - 2018


  • Irish History
  • Archaeology
  • History of Medicine
  • Urban History

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