Deirdre O'Toole

Research output: Non-textual formComposition


Immersion recounts Rebecca’s resilient memory of drowning as a child. It articulates the meaning-making associated with trauma that can occur for years after the event and alter a child’s perception of the world. This drowning experience shaped how Rebecca understood life and mortality and informed her understanding of the deaths of a young friend and her own father. This film utilises voice-over with non-traditional imagery. Unlike the more conventional approach employed in recreating Catherine’s story, Immersion presents Rebecca’s experience as a dance performance, incorporating the use of sea imagery projected onto the dancers’ costumes. The film of this performance was completed during time spent as artist-in-residence in the Laboratory Residency, Washington, USA. Re-enacting a nonfiction piece about a child’s experience of drowning through dance creates an insightful poetic and reflexive documentary. 
Immersion Film Festival Screenings:
In collaboration with Professor Suzanne Ostersmith, Gonzaga University, Washington
Immersion, (2017) Saranac Gallery, Washington
Immersion, On Art Film Festival, (2018) Poland
Immersion, (May - November 2019) Turchin Center, Appalachian University, North Carolina
Immersion, Irish Short Reel Series, (2019) Contemporary Irish Arts Centre, Los Angeles, USA
Immersion, (2019) Docs Ireland Film Festival, Belfast
Immersion, (2018) Kerry International Film Festival, Ireland
Immersion (2018), Kinosmena Festival, Minsk.
Documentary Ireland Festival 2019, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Kerry Film Festival 2018, Ireland
Hook Lighthouse Gallery 2018, Ireland
Screened at Saranac Gallery Washington 2017, USA
Narrative Matters Conference, The Netherlands, 2018
DHRA Conference, Malta, City of Culture, 2018
Original languageEnglish
PublisherDeirdre O'Toole
Media of outputFilm
Publication statusPublished - 2018


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