Implementing Efficient Message Logging Protocols as MPI Application Extensions

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Message logging protocols are enablers of local rollback, a more efficient alternative to global rollback, for fault tolerant MPI applications. Until now, message logging MPI implementations have incurred the overheads of a redesign and redeployment of an MPI library, as well as continued performance penalties across various kernels. Successful research efforts for message logging implementations do exist, but not a single one of them can be easily deployed today by more than a few experts. In contrast, in this work we build efficient message logging capabilities on top of an MPI library with no message logging capabilities; we do so for two different HPC kernels, one with a global exchange pattern (CG), and one with a neighbourhood exchange pattern (LULESH). While our library of choice ULFM detects failure and recovers MPI communicators, we build on that to then restore the intra- and inter-process data consistency of both applications. This task turns out to be challenging, and we present the methodology for doing so in this work. In the end, we achieve message logging capabilities for each kernel, without the need for an actual message logging runtime underneath. On the performance side, we match state-of-the-art solutions and (a) eliminate event logging and the event logger component altogether, and (b) design a hybrid protocol, which gracefully shifts between global and local rollback, depending on the available payload logging memory. Such a hybrid protocol between local and global rollback has not been previously proposed to our knowledge. Our extensions span a few hundred lines of code for each kernel, are open-sourced, and enable local and global rollback after process failure.
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Title of host publication EuroMPI 2019 10/09/2019 → 13/09/2019 Zurich, Switzerland
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Publication statusPublished - 13 Sep 2019
EventEuroMPI 2019 - ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
Duration: 10 Sep 201913 Sep 2019


ConferenceEuroMPI 2019
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