Industrial applications of ionic liquids

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The potential to use Ionic Liquids (ILs) as novel solvents or fluids for a diverse range of applications has become increasingly rent as researchers in academia and try respond to challenges from atmospheric emissions and disposal of many common solvents by evaluating novel reaction media. The intrinsic non-volatile nature of ILs provides an opportunity to reduce, or even completely eliminate, hazardous and toxic emissions to the atmosphere, thus providing the promise for significant environmental benefits. In synthesis and catalysis, ILs have been used as solvents (or solvents and catalysts), with the greatest current effort on using the ILs as alternatives to VOCs. In contrast, electrochemical studies hove utills'ed the fact that ILs are liquid rather than solids to provide liquid electrolytes without needing to odd an additional solvent. is overview appraiso an appraisal of potential to use ILs in industrial applications, illustrating some areas where practical uses are being developed, and how, throuqh understanding ionic liquids in a conceptuo level, new opportunities ore continuing to evolve.
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