Ionic liquid solvents of perhalide type for metals for extraction radioactive metals from mineral ores.

Robin Don Rogers (Inventor), John. Holbrey (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


The invention relates to a process for dissolving metals (e.g., Al, Cu, Fe, Cr, Sb, Ti, and W) in perhalide contg. ionic liqs. having the formula (I), and to the extn. of metals from mineral ores; the remediation of materials contaminated with heavy, toxic, or radioactive metals; and to the removal of heavy and toxic metals from hydrocarbon streams. In the formula (I), [X] comprises at least one perhalide anion selected from [I3]-, [BrI2]-, [Br2I]-, [ClI2]-, [ClBr2]-, [BrCl2]-, or [ICl2]-, [ClI3]-. The (Cat+) is a cationic species selected from: ammonium, azaannulenium, azathiazolium, benzimidazolium, benzofuranium, benzotriazolium, borolium, cinnolinium, diazabicyclodecenium, diazabicyclononenium, diazabicyclo- undecenium, dithiazolium, furanium, guanidinium, imidazolium, indazolium, indolinium, indolium, morpholinium, oxaborolium, oxaphospholium, oxazinium, oxazolium, iso-oxazolium, oxathiazolium, pentazolium, phospholium, phosphonium, phthalazinium, piperazinium, piperidinium, pyranium, pyrazinium, pyrazolium, pyridazinium, pyridinium, pyrimidinium, pyrrolidinium, pyrrolium, quinazolinium, quinolinium, isoquinolinium, quinoxalinium, selenozolium, sulfonium, tetrazolium, iso-thiadiazolium, thiazinium, thiazolium, thiophenium, thiuronium, triazadecenium, triazinium, triazolium, iso-triazolium, and uronium. [on SciFinder(R)]
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO2010116167A1
Publication statusPublished - 14 Oct 2010

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CAPLUS AN 2010:1283935(Patent)


  • radioactive metal mercury dissoln extn tonic liq solvent perhalide


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