Key worker role

Karen Armstrong, Helen Kerr

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Each individual with a diagnosis of cancer should be allocated a key worker to improve continuity and coordination of care. The key worker role is often an important component of clinical nurse specialists in cancer services, who are ideally placed to fulfil this role. The role may be operationalised using different titles, such as key worker in the United Kingdom, professional cancer navigator in Canada and the United States of America and cancer care coordinator in Australia. Irrespective of the title, key workers are known to positively impact patient care through the delivery of information, provision of emotional and supportive care and coordination of services. Identifying the appropriate professional to be a patient’s named key worker is often driven by the cancer multidisciplinary team, and challenges remain regarding consistency of provision and effectively communicating this to patients. Care should be taken to avoid over-reliance on the key worker role within the multidisciplinary team and to ensure ongoing patient empowerment.

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