Large scale coherent magnetohydrodynamic oscillations in a sunspot

Marco Stangalini, Gary Verth, Viktor Fedun, A. Ali Aldhafeeri, D.B. Jess, Shahin Jafarzadeh, P. H. Keys, Bernhard Fleck, Jaume Terradas, Mariarita Murabito, Ilaria Ermolli, Roberto Soler, Fabrizio Giorgi, C. D. MacBride

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Although theoretically predicted, the simultaneous excitation of several resonant modes in sunspots has not been observed. Like any harmonic oscillator, a solar magnetic flux tube can support a variety of resonances, which constitute the natural response of the system to external forcing. Apart from a few single low order eigenmodes in small scale magnetic structures, several simultaneous resonant modes were not found in extremely large sunspots. Here we report the detection of the largest-scale coherent oscillations observed in a sunspot, with a spectrum significantly different from the Sun’s global acoustic oscillations, incorporating a superposition of many resonant wave modes. Magnetohydrodynamic numerical modeling agrees with the observations. Our findings not only demonstrate the possible excitation of coherent oscillations over spatial scales as large as 30–40 Mm in extreme magnetic flux regions in the solar atmosphere, but also paves the way for their diagnostic applications in other astrophysical contexts.
Original languageEnglish
Article number479
JournalNature Communications
Issue number479
Publication statusPublished - 25 Jan 2022


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