Micromechanical Modelling of Non-Homogenous Materials by Meshless Methods

Nelson Muthu, Brian Falzon, Surjya Maiti, Wenyi Yan

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A detailed study of bi-material composites, using meshless methods (MMs), is presented in this paper. Firstly, representative volume elements (RVEs) for different bi-material combinations are analysed by the element-free Galerkin (EFG) method in order to confirm the effective properties of heterogeneous material through homogenization. The results are shown to be in good agreement with experimental results and those obtained using the finite element method (FEM) which required a higher node density. Secondly, a functionally graded material (FGM), with a crack, is analysed using the EFG method. This investigation was motivated by the possibility of replacing the distinct fibrematrix interface with a FGM interface. Finally, an illustrative example showing crack propagation, in a two-dimension micro-scale model of a SiC/Al composite is presented. 
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages12
Publication statusPublished - 24 Jul 2015
EventICCM20 20th International Conference on Composite Materials - Copenhagen, Denmark
Duration: 19 Jul 201524 Jul 2015


ConferenceICCM20 20th International Conference on Composite Materials


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