Microstrcutural evolution of SiC fibre embedded AA6061 matrix induced by ultrasonic consolidation

Z. Zhu, B.P. Wynne, E. Ghassemieh

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Ultrasonic consolidation (UC) uses high frequency (20-40KHz) mechanical vibrations to produce a solid-state metallurgical bond (weld) between metal foils. UC as a novel layered manufacturing technique is used in this research to embed reinforcing members such as silicon carbide fibers into the aluminium alloy 6061's matrices. It is known that UC induce volume and surface effect in the material it is acting on. Both effects are employed in embedding active/passive elements in the metal matrix. Whilst the process and the two effects are used and identified at macro level, what is happening at micro level is unknown and hardly studied. In this research we are investigating the phenomena occurring in the microstructure of the parts during UC process to obtain better understanding about how and why the process works. In this research, high-resolution electron backscatter diffraction is used to study the effects of the UC process on the evolution of microstructure in AA6061 with and without fibre elements. The inverse pole figures (IPF), pole figures (PF) and the correlated misorientation angle distribution of the mentioned samples are obtained. The characteristics of the crystallographic orientation, the grain structure and the grain boundary are analysed to find the effect of ultrasonic vibration and embedding fibre on the microstructure and texture of the bond. The ultrasonic vibration will lead to exceptional refinement of grains to a micron level along the bond area and affect the crystallographic orientation. Additional plastic flow occurs around the fibre which leads to the fibre embedding.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationMaterials Research Society Symposium Proceedings
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 01 Jan 2008


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