MNC strategy in contested environments – stay put or stay foot?

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The sole-authored academic textbook chapter 'MNC Strategy in Contested Environments: Stay Put or Stay Foot?' within the open access book 'New Topics in Emerging Markets' provides a contemporary view on the key questions relating to the strategic orientation of multinational corporations in emerging markets with a particular focus on China. Until recently, possible heterogeneity in business strategy and firm performance was concealed by the seemingly endless growth story of emerging economies. In view of increasingly rough conditions, both in terms of industry-based competition and host-country institutions, foreign-invested firms may choose to concede, conform, contest, compete, collaborate or co-create, to name just a few conspicuous configurations. The chapter draws on the accelerated convergence of the international business (IB) strategy literature and institutionalism. It also takes into account the heightened public scrutiny of and scepticism towards the international enterprise, as well as a shift in perception from viewing institutions as constraints to a needed collaborator.
Keywords: Strategy, International Business, IB, Multinational Corporation, MNC, Strategic Choice, Institutional Theory, Emerging Economies, China.
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Title of host publicationNew topics in emerging markets
EditorsVito Bobek, Tatjana Horvat
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