Molecular detection of kobuviruses in livestock in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

PJ Collins, Michael McMenamy, J McClintock, P Lagan-Tregaskis, L McCabe, Simon Doherty, H O'Shea, Michael Welsh, John McKillen

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Kobuviruses have been detected in a wide range of mammals including cats, dogs, pigs, cattle, goats, sheep and bats. Kobuviruses have been detected in symptomatic and asymptomatic animals; however, the clinical significance of infection in animals is still unclear. To date, there is no information regarding kobuvirus prevalence in livestock in Ireland. This study reports the first detection of kobuviruses in pigs, bovines and ovines using quantitative PCR. In this study, mesenteric lymph node was collected from cattle (n = 57), pigs (n = 53) and sheep (n = 50) from farms in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, from animals which had been submitted by private veterinary practitioners from 2009 to 2011 for routine post mortem and clinico-pathological examination. Kobuviruses were detected in 14 cows (24.5%), 5 pigs (9.4%) and 1 sheep (2%). Phylogenetic analysis of Irish kobuviruses from cattle and pigs revealed that the isolates clustered according to their host species. Interestingly, the sheep kobuvirus clustered with bovine kobuviruses detected in this study and other published kobuvirus strains. The data presented in this study contributes to the understanding of the epidemiology of these viruses in animals and to the genetic diversity that these viruses possess.
Original languageEnglish
JournalArchives of Virology
Publication statusPublished - 27 Jan 2017


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