Myth from the Future: Coupled World (2021)

Jia-Rey Chang (Developer)

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition

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Myth From the Future: Immersive Interactive Art Installation Exhibited in Video Format

Myth (audio/visual interactive installation) focuses on the idea of reflecting/reminding how current technology has blended into our daily lives, physical and mental bodies by referring to the ancient Chinese classic literature, “the Classics of Mountains and Seas”. Can you imagine how a human being will evolve into a 3-head-man in the future? No need to wait, because actually, we ARE this kind of 3-head “tech-species” (a species with tech-devices merging) if you consider our smartphone, laptop as heads, and plus our own head. Many strange living things were no longer existing but written down in “the Classics of Mountains and Seas”, and this project attempts to take these creatures in these tales of marvels as metaphors to indicate people who wear/hold hi-technology gadgets and the robotic creatures as “tech-species”. Through this 3-4 minute life experience, one of the audiences will become the “tech-species” by controlling the instrument to influence the immersive audio and visual effect in real-time.

Three of my 3D video works, innerNature, LivingWonderland, and Myth from the Future were selected to be exhibited in the “Coupled World” online exhibition under 1EuroCinema organized by The exhibition curated by Susanne Janssen, Louisa Teichmann and Telemagic/1EuroCinema would like to experiment the digital form/role of Cinema under this digital-dominated world. The audience can freely navigate on 4 fantasy virtual islands entitled Locked-in Genus, Mimicry Genus, Threshold Genus, and Empowerment Genus addressing different social topics created by the organizer. While on the island, the audience can look for the selected artists’ videos by following the hint (they called it critter) and enjoy them just like playing a video game but also like visiting an actual exhibition. innerNature, LivingWonderland, and Myth from the Future were located on the “Mimicry Genus” island which focuses on the topic of digital nature. Coupled World by 1EuroCinema intends to provide a unique virtual film watching experience to challenge the definition of “Cinema” under this inevitable VR trend.

Exhibited at Coupled World, July 2021
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputOnline
Publication statusPublished - 2021
Externally publishedYes
EventCouple World -
Duration: 07 Jul 2021 → …


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