Near vision correction and quality of life among textile workers.

Ving Fai Chan, Jyoti Jaggernath, Farai Chinanayi, Kovin Naidoo

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Background: Uncorrected near vision impairment affects the performance of near vision tasks and activities for an estimated 410 million people worldwide. Once normal vision becomes blurred or impaired, the ordinary and simple daily routines of individuals become difficult; often resulting in frustration and irritation, which is consequently reflected in their quality of life. Aim: We investigated the change of vision-related quality of life (VRQoL) following near correction among textile factory workers in South Africa. Methods: Presbyopic subjects who were 40 years and older with no other eye conditions were provided near spectacle correction. We interviewed subjects to ascertain their VRQoL scores using the National Eye Institute Visual Function Questionnaire, pre-treatment and 6 months after the provision of near corrections. Setting: The study was conducted among the textile factory workers in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Results: A total of 423 textile factory workers were followed up from seven textile factories in Durban. The overall increase in VRQoL scores of 21.9 (95% CI 16.7–27) was significant (p < 0.01). This translates to a 36.5% (95% CI 30.6–42.4) change in VRQoL. The increase was highest among participants of African origin 25.1 (95% CI 21.14–29.1), males 18.8 (95% CI 12.6–27.2), among those who had completed primary school 35.8 (95% CI 21.7–49.9) and among participants with other responsibilities (ironing and quality assurance) 21.9 (95% CI 16.7–27). Conclusion: Correcting near vision impairment improved the VRQoL scores of textile factory workers. The results showed that VRQoL scores increased significantly across levels of education and categories of responsibility.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages6
JournalAfrican Vision and Eye Health Journal
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 30 Jun 2017

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