NGTS-2b: an inflated hot-Jupiter transiting a bright F-dwarf

Liam Raynard, Michael R. Goad, Edward Gillen, Louise D. Nielsen, Christopher A. Watson, Andrew P. G. Thompson, James McCormac, Daniel Bayliss, Maritza Soto, Szilard Csizmadia, Alexander Chaushev, Matthew R. Burleigh, Richard Alexander, David J. Armstrong, François Bouchy, Joshua T. Briegal, Juan Cabrera, Sarah L. Casewell, Bruno Chazelas, Benjamin F. CookePhilipp Eigmüller, Anders Erikson, Boris T. Gänsicke, Andrew Grange, Maximilian N. Günther, Simon T. Hodgkin, Matthew J. Hooton, James S. Jenkins, Gregory Lambert, Tom Louden, Lionel Metrailler, Maximiliano Moyano, Don Pollacco, Katja Poppenhaeger, Didier Queloz, Roberto Raddi, Heike Rauer, Andrew M. Read, Barry Smalley, Alexis M. S. Smith, Oliver Turner, Stéphane Udry, Simon R. Walker, Richard G. West, Peter J. Wheatley

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