Noise resilient discrete-time cross-relation sensor characterisation

Philip Gillespie, Daniel Gaida, Peter Hung, Robert Kee, Sean McLoone

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In-situ characterisation of thermocouple sensors is a challenging problem. Recently the authors presented a blind characterisation technique based on the cross-relation method of blind identification. The method allows in-situ identification of two thermocouple probes, each with a different dynamic response, using only sampled sensor measurement data. While the technique offers certain advantages over alternative methods, including low estimation variance and the ability to compensate for noise induced bias, the robustness of the method is limited by the multimodal nature of the cost function. In this paper, a normalisation term is proposed which improves the convexity of
the cost function. Further, a normalisation and bias compensation hybrid approach is presented that exploits the advantages of both normalisation and bias compensation. It is found that the optimum of the hybrid cost function is less biased and more stable than when only normalisation is applied. All results were verified by simulation.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 01 Sep 2016


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