Nonlinear dynamic behaviour of tapered sandwich plates subjected to blast loading

Sedat Süsler, Zafer Kazancı, Halit S. Türkmen

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The dynamic behaviour of simply supported tapered laminated sandwich plates subjected to the air blast loading is investigated numerically. The theory is based on the classical sandwich plate theory including von Kármán large deformation effects, in-plane stiffness and inertias, and shear deformation. The equations of motion for the plate are derived by the use of the virtual work principle. Approximate solution functions are assumed for the space domain and substituted into the equations. The Galerkin method is used to obtain the nonlinear differential equations in the time domain. The finite difference method is applied to solve the system of coupled nonlinear equations. The displacement-time and strain-time histories are obtained. The theoretical results are compared with ANSYS finite element results and are found to be in an agreement.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2012
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