P053 Use of extended-quantitative culture does not predict an imminent pulmonary exacerbation

L. Sherrard, G. Einarsson, E. Johnston, K. O'neill, L. Mcilreavey, S. Mcgrath, D. Gilpin, M. Murray, G. Lavelle, G. Mcelvaney, R. Boucher, M. Muchlebach, J.S. Elborn, M. Tunney

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Objectives: To determine if extended-quantitative culture, clinical or inflammatory markers could be used to predict an imminent PEx. Methods: Consecutive sputa (n = ≥2) were collected from 56 CF patients. Extended-quantitative bacterial culture was performed under aerobic, microaerophilic and anaerobic atmospheric conditions and total viable counts [TVCs] and ecological indexes were calculated. Patient metadata was recorded. Patients were stratified into groups: (1) those who remained clinically stable for >4 months (n = 37) and (2) thosewho experienced a PEx (n = 19) within 4 months of baseline. Logistic regression was performed to identify factors associated with a PEx. Results: Neither TVCs nor ecological indexes (e.g. community diversity) were independent predictors of an imminent PEx. However, in a univariable logistic regression, higher lung function (OR, 0.95; 95%CI, 0.91-0.98; P = 0.002) and BMI (OR, 0.80; 95%CI, 0.66-0.98; P = 0.03) at baseline were significantly associated with a reduced risk of a PEx. Higher CRP (OR, 6.3; 95%CI, 1.38-28.91; P = 0.02) and chronic azithromycin (OR, 3.96; 95%CI, 1.10-14.2; P = 0.04) at baseline were significantly associated with an elevated risk. Being female was associated with an elevated risk (OR, 3.0; 95%CI, 0.94-9.54; P = 0.06) and a higher CFQ-R respiratory symptom score at baseline was associated with a lower risk (OR, 0.96; 95% CI, 0.93-1.01; P = 0.09). The results of the multivariable logistic regression are shown in the Table. Conclusion: Baseline clinical parameters were better PEx predictors than sputum cultures, even when detailed microbiota were cultured and quantified. (Table Presented).
Original languageEnglish
Article numberS74
Number of pages1
JournalJournal of Cystic Fibrosis
Publication statusPublished - 01 Jun 2018


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